Sports and Camp Physicals

Assorted game balls Most schools and private organizations require a recent complete physical exam (within 1 year) prior to allowing a child to participate in athletic programs. Please complete the parent portion of the form and bring it with you to your child’s well child exam. Alternatively you may drop the form off at the office if your child has had a recent well child exam (sick visits do not count). Please allow 3 business days for completion of forms. Our providers will not be able to clear your child for participation if the parent portion has not been completely filled out.

While many of the forms provide comprehensive screening for participation in school athletics, they are not a substitute for regular healthcare from your physician and a healthy life style. Please refer to the links provided to better understand healthy athletic participation.

We have tried to post on-line access to most school Sports Physical forms. Please advise the webmaster if you need a link provided.

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