A baby is one of the most rewarding experiences in your lives.

At Pediatric Junction, we are committed to helping you care for your baby, to make them grow up happy and healthy. We encourage new parents to attend a monthly evening consult. This visit allows expectant parents to become acquainted with us, tour our office, and ask questions regarding the birth of your baby. A consult does not obligate you to register as a patient, although we would love having you and the newborn as part of our medical family. Call the office at
512-312-5312 to inquire about new patient consults. 

For Expecting Parents

Daddy kissing mommy's pregnant belly No matter where you deliver, please try to bring the pertinent medical records from the hospital with you to your first visit. These records should include birth weight, length, head circumference, gestational age, blood type of baby and mother, any lab results, any complications, and discharge weight. We usually suggest that these babies should come to see us within three days after being discharged. All parents also need to consider two decisions before the baby is born. First, what to feed the baby. We strongly support breast-feeding, and feel this provides the baby with many health benefits, some of which can last a lifetime. For those mothers who can't breast-feed or choose not to, we can help you choose the right formula for your baby.

The second decision is for those parents of boys: should they be circumcised? This is an individual decision, and one that we can help you with. However, our advice is that if you want your son circumcised, do so while he is in the hospital. Do not wait to go home and attempt to have the baby circumcised later. Delaying circumcision is usually more costly. Please feel free to discuss circumcision with our pediatricians at the prenatal visit or in the hospital after delivery.


New born baby Due to our location and our commitment to be available to the sick children in our community, our Pediatric Junction physician is not able to provide care for newborn infants in the hospital. Your infant will be seen by the hospital staff pediatrician. We are always available to discuss your concerns about your baby, with you or with the hospital physician. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, your infant needs to be seen in our office 24 – 72 hours after hospital discharge for routine follow up.

Please call our office to schedule this appointment before you are discharged from the hospital. Be sure to bring your infant’s hospital birth record to this appointment. At times the hospital pediatrician may advise a weekend lab or visit with our physician following your baby’s discharge. Depending on your baby’s condition and your insurance, we may be able to arrange this for you. Please contact the office as soon as possible to discuss your follow-up. If discharged on a weekend, please contact the physician-on-call. (This call will NOT be charged an after-hours fee).



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